Victoria Lucas’ artworks are often initiated by a physical encounter with a place, site or landscape. She is specifically concerned with the chimerical potential of space, and often fabricates places of disruption and resistance using digital means.

Social constructions of gender, perpetuated and hyper-normalised through the use of digital technology, are playfully deconstructed, as sculptural and digital installations form spaces of becoming. Concentrating on these contexts and their current or former inhabitants, she develops conceptual narratives that subvert and categorise events and myths using a site’s materiality as a catalyst.

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Symposia (2017 – )


Lay of the Land (and Other Such Myths) (2017)


Women on Horses (2016) Looped Video


Psychedelic Westerns (2015) Photographic Series

The Hitchcock Staircase

The Hitchcock Staircase (2015). Video (3:45 mins)

© Victoria Lucas

Repeating (2015). Video Installation (14 min)

Spectre (2015). Video (10 min)

Conflict (2014). Video (9 min)

After (2013). Video (20 mins)

Interruptions (2012 – 2013). Photographic Series


Remedy (2012). Photographic Series

12 MONTHS OF NEON LOVE (2011 – 2012). Neon Project

Poke (2011). Touchscreen Installation

failed attempts 4

Failed Attempts (2010). Sculpture Installation

The Search, (2010). Sound Installation

Light (2009), Mixed Media Sculpture

Fragments (2008). Video Installation

Fragments (2008). Video Installation

Last Moments (2006). Looped Video