Land, Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen


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LAND, Synhavn Station, Copenhagen

Opening: Friday June 9th, 2017 from 5-9pm
Exhibition Period: Saturday June 10th – July 2nd 2017
Opening Hours: Thursday – Sunday from 1-5pm

We search for land. We adapt to land. We protect land. We divide land. We claim land. We take advantage of land. We build on land. We exploit land. We make money on land. We destroy land. Land ties us together but it also separates us.

With these issues in mind, I have invited the six artists to Exhibition Space Sydhavn Station in Copenhagen, as their practices directly or indirectly seem to relate to the land we all interact with. There is, among other things, a particular focus on topics like land-use, borders, storytelling and representation of places and people from historical, political or personal perspectives.

In the poster hangers in the hallway of the station, Tanya Busse exhibits a series of photographs entitled Aeriel Red, which depicts a number of anonymous land formations seen from an eye high above the earth. Inside the old ticket office a new space has been taken into use. Here you will find Joar Nango’s video work, The Indigenuity Manifesto; a flow of images and texts, that address some of the basic ideas rooted in the nomadic Sámi culture of the North, where he comes from. In the small space, Victoria Lucas shows the tragicomic video piece, As it transpired, where you are introduced to a man, who is trying to gain control over his birds. Lastly, in the main space, the artist group Morten Ernlund Jørgensen, Alicja Bielawska and Ulla Eriksen will perform a new ‘situation’ consisting of ‘a total sculpture’ in plaster, photography and video, based on a desolate place and the narrative that is connected thereto.

The exhibition is situated at a station and in an area which is undergoing an urban alteration. In the surrounding environment of South Harbor, it is still possible to find a few open ‘unused’ areas of land. Places, that some people see as free spaces and breathers and as something special for this particular neighborhood.

Sunday Events:
June 18th and 25th from 2-4pm Ulla Eriksen and Morten Ernlund Jørgensen will be gallery-sitting and hosting a drawing class, which is open for the public.
July 2nd from 2-4pm there will be readings by the authors Ida Maria Hede, Theis Ørntoft and Signe Gjessing.
All events are free and coffee & cake will be served.

On the opening night, new work by Honza Hoeck will also be opened on the billboard under the railway bridge, and at 8pm the SV festival holds a concert with the duo Ano Mali featuring violinist Helene Lind in the hallway of the station.

CONTACT: Heidi Hove, phone +45 30428727 or
Exhibition Space Sydhavn Station, Ernst Kapers Vej 1, DK-2450 Copenhagen SV,

Tak til / Thanks to:
Københavns Kommunes Billedkunstudvalg, Statens Kunstfond, Områdefornyelse Sydhavnen og Gyproc