Symposia (2017-)



Lay of the Land: The Symposium (2017) Screened at HOME, Manchester as part of PUSH Festival.


Playing with the usual conformities of an academic symposium, Symposia is a series of events that seek to question 21st Century representations of reality, communication and the significance of the physical body in the post-digital age.

The first event took place on the 28th January 2017 at HOME in Manchester, as part of PUSH Festival. Featuring an all female panel, the experimental presentations investigate connections between gender and imaginary geographical place, through a series of open-ended, playful narratives.

This long term project seeks to subvert the use of digital space as a political tool, utilising digital media in order to create a virtual manifestation of the physical whilst generating a symbolic ‘meeting point’ as a site of resistance. The full version of this piloted symposium can be viewed below.



Produced by Mark Devereux Projects