The Hitchcock Staircase (2015)



The Hitchcock Staircase is a short video that explores site as an object of temporal suspense. Situated in the Pan American apartment building on Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles, the staircase encountered by the artist in this work has apparently featured in a number of Hitchcock films, although no record of this fact has yet been found.

The act of ascending or descending a flight of stairs in an Alfred Hitchcock film is an event in itself, carefully devised as a bad omen that heightens the emotions of the viewer as the character is led towards some form of danger. Avoiding Hitchcock’s gaze, the artist attempts to ascend the stairs unnoticed, creating a form of playful suspense on her own terms and from a decidedly female perspective.


The work was made as part of a UCLan funded sabbatical award. More about this can be found here.


The Hitchcock Staircase