Interruptions (2012-13)


Bloc Projects Billboard Commission, 2013

Interruptions is a photographic series that archives staircases situated in underground train stations on the U8 line in Berlin, Germany and in Philadelphia, USA. The images are the result of an interest that spanned five years, after temporarily relocating to Berlin in 2008 to undertake an art residency.

Each staircase is depicted in moments of apparent stillness, unpopulated yet acutely defined by traces of human activity. The presence of a subtle tension, of an emptiness so recent that it still vibrates with the echoes and energy of movement, resonates deeply in these seemingly unpopulated spaces. These photographs resound with an active silence. They are elusive and corporeal, interrogating the relationship between the photographic image and notions of presence, absence and temporality. Time resonates, evokes, resides and eludes in each of these works, generating a tension that is as contemplative as it is dramatic; as critical and compelling as it is introspective.

– Dr. Mathew Gregory

Interruptions has been exhibited in a solo show at Grizzly Grizzly, Philadelphia (2013), where a catalogue was produced. Selected prints have also been exhibited at Vapaan Taiteen Tila, Helsinki (2014), Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles (2014) and Studentski Kulturni Centar in Novi Sad, Serbia (2013). Alexanderplatz (Berlin) was also selected for a billboard commission at Bloc Projects Sheffield in 2013 (above).

Market Street East, Philadelphia

Alexanderplatz, Berlin

34th Street II, Philadelphia

Rosenthaler Platz, Berlin