After (2013)


Captured before the doors to Castle Market were closed to the public, the 20 minute film studies the condemned brutalist building as if the lens were dutifully studying a photograph. The empty modernist shell that was once Sheffield’s vibrant market hall is the subject of failed utopia. The film was created as part of a six week residency at the site, during which Lucas occupied an empty unit in the lower level of the market. A publication documenting the project and the closure of the building can be found here.

After has been screened in Castle Market, Sheffield as part of the residency closing event; in Casa Maauad gallery in Mexico City as part of the Deadpan Exchange VIII exhibition; in Vapaan Taiteen Tila gallery in Helsinki as part of the Flis Holland and Victoria Lucas exhibition; at the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield as part of the This is Our City screening, organised by the University of Sheffield Arts and Humanities Department; and in a solo exhibition at Oriel Wrecsam, Wales. In additon to this, the work has been projected on to the side of a building next to the demolished Castle Market site as part of Festival Castlegate, organised by the School of Architecture at the University of Sheffield; it has been included in a Hyde Park Picture House screening in association with Mexico Gallery and was part of The Art of Wandering exhibition hosted by CurateSheffield.

In addition to the film, a lightbox has recently been commissioned by Oriel Wrecsam as part of their PERICLO programme. This new work forms part of a recent exhibition set in The People’s Market in Wrexham – another site also marked for regeneration. The “Grade ‘A’ Meat” lightbox features in the film, and was rescued from Castle Market by the artist before demolition began. Restored, the lightbox takes on new meanings when displayed outside of its original context. See below for images of these works.


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After (Film Still)


Projected on to building next to ruins of Castle Market as part of Festival Castlegate 2015.


Projected on to building next to ruins of Castle Market as part of Fesitval Castlegate 2015.


After, Oriel Wrecsam Solo Exhibition 2016. Photo: Dewi Lloyd


Grade ‘A’ Meat (2016), Solo Exhibition at Oriel Wrecsam. Photo: Dewi Lloyd