Interdisciplinary in approach, works often respond to specific places or circumstances that are liminal and in a state of flux. Transitory digital media and sculptural techniques are used in conjunction with selected subject matter to research the interplay between memory, narrative, absence and temporality.

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Psychedelic Westerns (2015) Photographic Series

The Hitchcock Staircase

The Hitchcock Staircase (2015). Video (3:45 mins)

© Victoria Lucas

Repeating (2015). Video Installation (14 min).

Spectre (2015). Video (10 min)

Conflict (2014). Video (9 min)

After (2013). Video (20 mins)

Interruptions (2012 – 2013). Photographic Series


Remedy (2012). Photographic Series

12 MONTHS OF NEON LOVE (2011 – 2012). Neon Project.

Poke (2011). Touchscreen Installation

failed attempts 4

Failed Attempts (2010). Sculpture Installation

The Search, (2010). Sound Installation

Light (2009), Mixed Media Sculpture

Fragments (2008). Video Installation

Fragments (2008). Video Installation

Last Moments (2006). Looped Video



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